“Part of a greater scope/artistic practice – to ‘mobilise’ the aesthetic experience – the barber strives to interweave mobility and creativity, within his practice that extends beyond a single city, beyond an isolated instance or particular place; the traveller and aesthete as a hybrid-ideal with which to interrogate the world. The aesthetic exercise of cutting hair is one particular vehicle among others that artist Stefan Joksic employs in the effort to detach creative practice from a fixed position spatially and socially – the mobile situational performance is relational, engaging, collective-inducing and dynamic.”

The cutting of hair as act, as gesture, as theatre, as intimacy, as self made manifest – between the equivocal and the certain. The cutting of hair may be gender ambiguous. The cutting of hair is certainly a ritual performed – either in the confines locked between pairs of eyes: the barber and his client – or in the open, as commune between a taming of something human and a resistance to the elemental.

A tactility. A sensitivity. Traditionally men’s business. Grooming. Tending (to one’s hair). Genderless barbering.

The eroticism of grooming is still a performance that is as gentle as it is raw, intimate as it is public, the stranger becomes the confidant.  A space evolving  tightly between client and barber – as the barber plies the hair, trims gingerly, preens craftily, creating a space of confidence in what outward appearance his client will want to feel pride in.

[text and ideas in progress]


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